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Are you ready to change the way you use your home phone? Steamboat Networks offers home phone service with world class support locally in Steamboat Springs, CO. Not only do we help you reduce the cost of your phone bill, but our service allows your phone to do more. Here are a few of those tricks:

  • Telemarketer Blocking (we track them down and put their numbers in a database)
  • Two concurrent calls with call waiting
  • Add a second line or fax line to any plan for only $4/month
  • Hold music
  • Voicemail (optionally through email or online)
  • Much more…

Unlimited Service Plan

Our highest level service plan allows you to place and receive calls without worrying about going over on minutes. This plan includes unlimited calling to and from the central 48 states in the United States, and all of Canada except Yukon. This plan includes all of the standard residential features, and has the added benefit of limitless minutes.

Pricing for the Unlimited Service Plan is only $19/month. The unlimited service plan is restricted to residential customers only. Business customers should take a look at our business plans.

Metered Service Packages

We have three metered service packages for those who don’t use their phone as often. The service is metered for calls to the central 48 states and all of Canada except Yukon. Additionally, inbound minutes are metered. Don’t worry, if you go over your plan’s minutes, additional minutes are only 3 cents/minute. Toll-free is unmetered.

  • 250 minutes/month – $9/month
  • 500 minutes/month – $12/month
  • 1000 minutes/month – $16/month

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